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During the Fall of 2016, I was selected to be part of a collaboration between Google and SCAD. Over the course of ten weeks, my team researched and developed concepts for making YouTube (and video watching) more interactive.

Due to a non-disclosure agreement, I am unable to share the project deliverables online, but for further information about my role in the project, feel free to contact me.
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Visual Design
UX Design
Design Research



Our team of 16 students, who represented six countries and eight majors, conducted three two-week Sprints in order to uncover unique insights and create user-centered design solutions that leveraged Material Design principles and catered to Android Mobile users.

Along the way, we were guided by our Google & YouTube partners through workshops on research, prototyping, and storytelling. In conclusion, we presented three integrated concepts and developed a website that showcased our research findings and final prototypes.


UX Design
Rapid Prototyping & User Testing

In addition to conducting interviews and user-testing, I worked with my team to analyze and synthesize our data in order to identify our users' needs and pain points. I then helped to ideate and prototype solutions for those needs.

Visual Design
Presentation Structure & Web Design

Worked closely with Faten (above!) to lead the project's branding and visual design, organize presentation content and create all presentation materials, and develop a website that showcased our research findings & final deliverables.

San Francisco, CA

At the end of this collaborative course, five team members and I had the opportunity to travel to YouTube and Google's campuses in San Francisco to present our final concepts and prototypes. 

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