Dear Taylor 

One secret, one photograph, three sides of the story.


For eighteen years, a memory of a photograph was the only evidence I had of my brother Taylor—whom I have never met. This conceptual poster series unravels and explores this family secret, using one photo to tell three sides of the story.

Dear Taylor was created in Studio I: Idea Visualization at the Savannah College of Art and Design. It is the result of a ten-week exploration prompted by the word "evidence." Special thank you to professor Sohee Kwon.


Three 13" x 13" origami posters



After asking my parents a series of questions about Taylor, I discovered one dominant emotional theme in each of our narratives—curiosity, shame, regret. With this insight, I sought to visually re-create our experiences using the photograph I had remembered of Taylor.

This was accomplished by using negative space, abstract type treatments, and by emphasizing distinct features from Taylor's photo. These personal compositions prompt the reader to interact with each piece, inviting them to unravel Taylor's story and interpret it from various angles.

Taylor sculptureTaylor sculpture


Each poster folds into an origami sculpture, designed with the intention of being interacted with. By inviting readers to unfold our story, their experience becomes as intimate and unique as the ones being told.

Additionally, the origami folding lines became my grid system. This unconventional grid inspired unique type treatments, and allowed for experimentation while maintaining cohesive and proportional compositions. 


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