Dear Taylor 

One secret, one photograph, three sides of the story.


When I was six-years-old, I found a photograph of a boy who I later discovered to be my brother Taylor. For fourteen years, that memory was the only evidence I had of him. 

This conceptual, interactive poster series explores the fragmentation of memory and perspective, using one photograph and three narratives to unravel Taylor's story.


Three 13" x 13" origami posters


"I kept every letter she sent me and every photo. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him."


At the time of Taylor's birth, my parents were young in their relationship and could not give him the life he deserved. Refusing abortion, they went through an intense adoption process and found Taylor an incredibly loving family, who sent letters and pictures throughout his childhood.

After recording and analyzing our narratives, I discovered that each had a dominant emotional theme—my perspective was one of curiosity, my mother: shame and longing, and my father: regret (so much that it caused him to be emotionally removed during our interview). 



To represent the process of reliving memory and seeking understanding, I created three sculptural posters. Each one utilizes three visual elements to represent my family's varying and complex emotional experiences: dynamic type treatment, negative space, and one photograph.

These compositions invite the reader to interact with my family's intimate and painful experience, prompting them to unfold Taylor’s story and interpret it from various angles. By allowing them into the process of piecing his life togther, their experience becomes just as intimate and unique.


To accomplish this, I created three posters that fold into origami structures. After experimenting with various origami forms, I chose this design for the user's ability to open and play with the narrative, and interpret it from multiple angles.

The origami folding lines became my grid system; an unconventional method that inspired unique type treatments and allowed for experimentation while maintaining cohesive and proportional compositions.



Below is a selection of process work that continually refined my concept, and informed the final poster solutions.

The following process shots include a mindmap, initial origami forms, and layout composition experimentation.

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